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California was among the first states to adopt “no-fault” divorce, replacing a system that insisted a marriage could not end without a showing that one party had committed some culpable act, like adultery, abandonment or, in California, cruelty.

Under the old system, every proceeding was adversarial, and it was an open secret that the parties often perjured themselves to obtain a divorce decree. In the words of California Supreme Court Justice Stanley Mosk, writing in dissent two years after the state adopted the no-fault approach, the process was “a melancholy charade.”

The acceptance of “irreconcilable differences” as sufficient grounds to end a marriage was a significant step forward. Still, contrary to some expectations, it did not necessarily make the process easy, either emotionally or legally. 

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Understanding California Divorce Options

In California, divorce proceedings begin with the filing and service of a “Petition for Dissolution” of the marriage. The marriage is then ended by way of agreement or by trial of the parties. The vast majority of cases settle. There are several ways to conclude a divorce case, including:

  • Litigation (private or public court): Entering a hearing or trial in which a public or private judge hears both parties’ cases and issues a ruling on matters such as asset division, spousal support, and child custody.
  • Mediation: Meeting with your spouse, attorney, and a neutral third-party mediator to negotiate the solutions to concerns involved in dissolving your marriage.
  • Collaborative divorce: A private and respectful out-of-court process for resolving a divorce with a team of qualified professionals. The goal is a win-win situation for both participants. Decisions are made by the clients without going to court with the support of a collaboratively-trained professional team.

The experienced family law attorneys at Madigan & Lewis, LLP, will be able to help you decide which process is best suited for your case. Often a case will involve settlement, mediation, and/or litigation at different points in the case.

Guiding Clients Through Equitable Divorces

Our practice is entirely devoted to family law. Our experience tells us family law has grown more sophisticated over the years, with an increasing need for expertise in both alternative dispute resolution and negotiation skills, courtroom skills, and legal knowledge. Our attorneys have decades of experience in all areas of family law and are continuously educating themselves, allowing them to guide clients through the increasingly complex requirements of various marital dissolution and family law concerns. 

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