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Under the old system, every proceeding was adversarial, and it was an open secret that

Child Custody

We work with both mothers and fathers, taking a child-centered approach to our cases. We

Child Custody and Support

Child Support

We work with parents of all genders and take a child-centered approach to our cases.

Asset Division

California is one of nine states that separates property into two classes, community and separate,

Spousal Support

Spousal Support

Spousal support is one of the most interesting and complex areas of family law. For



Consulting with an experienced family law attorney is invaluable when parentage is a concern. A


Litigation does not necessarily address every aspect of a divorce. It is not uncommon for


The mediator does not advocate for either side, serving instead to facilitate resolution and, when

Family Law

Family Law

Family law covers a wide variety of subjects, from prenuptial agreements to child custody to