Child Support

Child support is an often-contentious subject, as parents may disagree on the needs of the children and their own financial circumstances. For that reason, California has implemented strict rules regarding how child support is awarded statewide. At Madigan & Lewis, LLP, we are prepared to help you navigate these complicated regulations and pursue fair child support orders in your disputes.

We work with parents of all genders and take a child-centered approach to our cases. We have in-depth knowledge regarding California’s child support guidelines and the considerations that must be addressed to ensure our clients receive the outcomes they seek. 

We understand that no two families are the same, so we carefully tailor our representation to suite the unique circumstances of your case. We also have years of experience appearing in family courts around the state, so we are familiar with the judges and are always mindful of their individual approaches. You can find out more about our child-centric approach by calling 650-482-8480 or emailing us.

Child Support Laws in California

While California’s child custody laws are relatively flexible, the state’s regulations regarding child support are not. Parents of children residing in California are subject to statewide guidelines to control judicial determinations. Child support is one of the top priorities in a divorce and family law case. Under state guidelines, support is determined by considering factors such as the following:

  • Both parents’ respective incomes and their tax filing status.
  • The amount of time the non-custodial parent spends with the children.
  • The number of children.
  • Any applicable deductions and hardships.

The child support program used most often is called the DissoMaster™. All of our attorneys are trained in the use of this program. The guideline calculation is presumed to be correct. Although, there are limited circumstances under which the presumption can be rebutted. For instance, there is an exception available for extraordinarily high-income earners in California. As the term is not defined, what constitutes extraordinarily high income varies from one geographic area to another. There are other situations in which the application of the guideline formula would be unjust or inappropriate in the particular case. 

For this reason, it is essential to consult with an experienced child support attorney when calculating child support and presenting your case in court. 

Review Your Child Support Order With Madigan & Lewis, LLP

At Madigan & Lewis, LLP, we will work closely with you to ensure you understand the process, your concerns are addressed, and act as your advocate during the legal proceedings. Discover how we can assist you with child support matters today by calling 650-482-8480 or sending us a message.