Attorney-Assisted Negotiation and Settlement

Like any legal matter, an action to dissolve a marriage can be settled by a negotiated agreement between the parties at any time during the case. In fact, the majority of cases settle, but that does not mean achieving a settlement is necessarily straightforward.

A settlement agreement or stipulated judgment generally does more than just end the marriage.  It usually addresses the other difficult issues that can accompany a divorce:  matters of child custody and visitation, questions of child and spousal support, and the division of assets and debts.

We encourage settlement and work hard to help our clients get the best settlement possible.  At the same time, we are willing and able go to trial if settlement discussions drag on or become too costly.  We are also able to recognize those cases in which it is necessary to obtain immediate or other temporary orders from the court on one or more issues before a global settlement can be achieved.

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