Cristian Gonzalez


Cristian Gonzalez is a Paralegal at Madigan & Lewis, LLP.

Cristian Gonzalez is a skilled and accomplished Paralegal with a B.S. in Justice Studies from San Jose State University and an A.S. in Administration of Justice from the College of San Mateo.  He excels in drafting legal documents, conducting research, and managing complex caseloads for multiple attorneys.

With a strong foundation in legal principles and ethics, Mr. Gonzalez adeptly navigates both state and federal court systems, demonstrating proficiency in tasks such as document preparation, client communication, and scheduling.  His fluency in English and Spanish enhances his ability to provide comprehensive legal assistance.

Beyond his professional achievements, Mr. Gonzalez is a distinguished academic, graduating with honors from both institutions.  His commitment to excellence is further evidenced by prestigious awards such as the President’s Scholar Award and Dean’s List recognition.  With a focus on attention to detail, multitasking, and teamwork, Mr. Gonzalez continues to make significant contributions to the legal field.